What Do You Know About Our Company? : Interview Questions 101

interviewInterview tip number one is to research everything about the company you're applying at. But what does this mean? How much further do you delve into the company's history in addition to what is already on their website? And when you're sitting in the interview room, facing the hiring manager who is looking at your résumé, how do you answer the simple interview question, "What do you know about our company?"

After all of that work researching, it should be easy to answer, right? Not necessarily. Applicants are sometimes confused on how much they should know about a company before stepping into an interview. Reading a website is a great start, but then your answer to "what do you know about our company?" may not sound original.

Here are some tips on how you can better research the company you hope to work for, and how it will help you shine in your interview.


Reading a company's history can help you better understand not only where they came from but what direction they are likely to head into. Start with the company history that is provided on their website, but then move on to other resources, like a business magazine that may have profiled their progress over the years. By gaining a basic understanding of a company's history through multiple resources, your answer will sound more thought-out instead of copied from the Human Resources page.

Key Players

Be sure to know who the key players are at the company. What is the name of the CEO and how did he get there? Who are the people who have become the face of the company? Get to know a good handful of the company's top professionals. Not only will this give you the chance to name drop during the interview, but it will certainly help you if you land the job.


A company's competitors don't need to be mentioned when answering the interview question, "what do you know about our company?" but they are good to know. Get familiar with the company's competitors and you'll have a better understanding of their goals and values. If it does come up in the interview, you'll look like an industry expert.

Financial Status

Unless you're in the finance industry, there is no need to sit down and examine a company's stocks to find out their financial status. Instead, look at their recent press releases and find out what their upcoming projects are. You can garner a basic understanding of a company's financial status through recent product releases or new services that are being offered. Make sure you know about any parent companies or any recent acquisitions to get a good perspective on how the company operates.

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