Upper West Side Insider: Kai-Ming Cha, Manga Expert


Name, Age, Occupation: Kai-Ming Cha, Old enough to know better, Writer and Manga (Japanese comics) expert

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Abode: Two-bedroom apartment

How long have you lived there? More than 10 years. I moved here when I was pregnant because I wanted to be in this school district.

What do you love most about your neighborhood? It's so green in this area. Riverside Park is one of Manhattans gems, and its not necessarily a secret anymore, but it's really a nice place because it does attract a lot of nature. We have raccoons up here and I think its a family of hawks that have settled in the park which is cool. Nature in Manhattan!

There is this culture up here that ... if you are East of Broadway you go to Central Park and if you are west of Broadway you go to Riverside Park. It's one of those funny New Yorker-isms. In my neighborhood you see some people and they will only go to one certain park.