Sweet S.F. Rental: Furnished 3-Bedroom Home for $3,500

Check it out, hotshot: This Sweet Rental comes fully furnished and is equipped with not one, not two, but three bedrooms. You could move in tomorrow with a pair of clean socks, a toothbrush, and a copy of Stephan KIng's Christine. (It's a really good book.)

If living outside the bustling hub of San Francisco is more of your thing, then this Sweet Rental could be your ideal home -- located in a cozy neighborhood between Lake Merced and SF State University both close to the beach and chic Stonestown Galleria (a mere block away). Shop for new kitchen utensils at Nordstroms. Buy food for your housewarming party at nearby Trader Joes. It's all in the neighborhood.

Okay, so yes there are tons of shops, cafes, and the beach close to this Sweet Rental. But what else?

Well, there are parquet floors. (Who doesn't love hardwood floors?) Besides having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a brand, spanking new kitchen, this Sweet Rental also has an office with French doors that overlooks a beautiful garden.

Imagine working from home and having this tranquil scenario everyday? The Sweet Rental is a ranch style with Colonial charm.

Speaking of the garden, it's surrounded by a brick patio and enclosed to give it that French feel we all love. Like some more nature? Nearby is Lake Merced with tons of walking trails and a golf course close by as well.

And don't worry about parking, it comes with a garage. The perks of life outside the city; not to mention ideally close to San Francisco State University.

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