St. Patrick, Easter, and the WWF meet up in Pet Society

Pet Society St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day items have been released today in Pet Society, just as they had promised on their blog, which is all the invitation you need to dance an Irish jig. For those who missed it, last week featured the Wizard of Oz, and a "This Week's Specials" in the Clothing store that included costumes and props for dressing as the Wicked Witch of the West, called "Purple Witch", and the Good Witch of the South, called "Pink Witch".

These have now been replaced by a male and female leprechaun costumes set.

In terms of room decoration, one kind of TWC Emerald offering has overtaken another. You'll no longer find the Emerald City throne room in the Luxury shop. Instead, a more casual clover "Emerald Green Cushioned Couch" has taken residence there, along with a "Golden Harp" and "Golden Pot". And the Furniture store is now offering full house furnishing with beds, tables, chairs, and drawers.

Check out the rest of this post for more in-shop previews of the St. Paddy's Day items:

In the Food Shop the food shop.
Pet Society Amazon animals the Cash Shop.
Venus Fly Trap and Bonzai option
...also in the Cash Shop.
St. Patrick's Day in the Pet Society Furniture Store the Furniture Shop.

Pet Society St. Paddy's Garden the Garden Shop.
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