Rhinos on the loose in Playdom's Social City

rhinos stampete social city

Playdom's city building game on Facebook, Social City, launched on March 3, and roughly two weeks, later, the game already has 3 million players, says AppData. That's pretty impressive considering that other city building games -- namely My Town and My City Life -- both have around 4 million players and have been around for a few weeks longer.


One way to earn extra coins in the game by -- you guessed it -- visiting and helping neighbor's cities. Click on a friend's image at the bottom of the page to visit their city, and you'll be greeted with a pop-up window asking for your help. That help can be in the form of performing tasks like, say, helping save a kitten from a tree or -- new this week -- saving a city from a rhino rampage. To end the stampede, simply click the 'Help!' button, and you'll be rewarded with 425 coins for your efforts.

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