Replace your iPad for $99


Apple has announced a battery replacement program for its new iPad that will cost you $99, in an attempt to head off battery life issues before the product even ships.

Should the battery in your iPad have problems, Apple will ship you an entirely new iPad, or you can visit an Apple store and they'll hand you a new one, assuming your unit is in good shape otherwise. The cost is $99. A replacement unit can also be ordered over the phone for an additional $7 shipping and would take a week to arrive to your address.

Apple's products are notorious for shortened battery life
and have faced both criticism and lawsuits regarding the inability of consumers to replace them. Apple is trying to assuage any concerns about battery life for its latest creation before the first iPad shipments on April 3. Preorders began on March 12, with initial sales said to be around 120,000.

The program could also be a way for Apple to get you to continually invest in the latest version of the iPad at a discount. Batteries on the units are expected to last around two to three years, so by the time you need a new battery, a new model is sure to have been introduced.