PetVille backyard collection item of the day: Mini-Stone Dragon

petville backyard collection item of the day: mini-stone dragon

PetVille keeps promising that our virtual pets will be able to frolick in their very own backyards 'soon,' and in the meantime, is petville mini-stone giftable--available today onlyreleasing giftable yard items that are available for one day only. The yard item du jour is this mini-stone dragon, and -- much like the recent FarmVille giftable collection -- the only way to get your own dragon is to receive it as a gift from friends.

Want a tip? We find the best way to convince friends to send you cool stuff (like a dragon made of stone) is by sending them lots of stuff first. If you still don't get what you want, there's nothing wrong with some good, old-fashioned begging to get the job done.

Other PetVille backyard giftables include a limited edition pink Garden Flamingo and a smiling garden gnome.

How many of these have you collected so far?
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