Heather Mills' Artificial Leg Swabbed for Explosives at London Airport

Gareth Boden for PETA, Wikimedia Commons

Heather Mills' prosthetic leg was swabbed for explosives after it set off a security alarm at London's Heathrow airport today.

According to a report by the Press Association, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and ex-wife to Paul McCartney was getting ready to fly to the US to launch a line of vegan ready-made meals when she was stopped in security.

Security personnel required Mills to roll up her pant leg, allowing them to swab her artificial limb while other passengers watched, according to the Press Association.

"She was swabbed because something set off the alarm in the metal detector archway," a spokeswoman for the airport said in a statement. "Staff could not see inside the leg so it was swabbed instead. This would be the same protocol if a passenger had a cast on a broken arm or leg."

Contrary to reports saying Mills was "furious" and "humiliated" about the incident, a spokesman for the activist commented: "Heather complied with security's requirements with good grace. Heather wasn't furious at all; she completely understands what has to be done for 21st century travel."

After passing through security, Mills made her way to the Concorde Lounge, an area reserved for first-class passengers and guests, where she ran into another slight problem. Lounge staff initially refused to let Mills enter, saying her name was not on the list.

Last month, the TSA announced they would begin random swabbing of passengers hands and baggage, looking for traces of explosives, as a heightened response to the failed Christmas Day bombing.

According to the TSA, hand-held devices are used to perform Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) tests on items ranging from laptops and shoes, to wheelchairs and casts.
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