Grocery savings + menu planning =

There's a new Web site that helps you keep track of your grocery list and share it with others. It's called ZipList and the site is totally free. The main benefits to using ZipList are being able to:
  • Save your list and create multiple lists.
  • Share your list with others.
  • Designate which store you want each item purchased at.
  • Search for recipes (via partner Martha Stewart Living) and add all the ingredients to your list in one click.

The main downside is that ZipList is not synced to coupons or sales, so you'll have to monitor those separately.

I used ZipList for the first time this weekend and it took me less than 10 minutes to enter my 13 grocery items and find the local grocery and drugstores I shop at (one was not listed so I added it manually). This last feature is optional but lets you designate which store you want a particular item purchased at.

I entered my e-mail address into my profile on the site, which is optional, so that I could log in and see my list from my iPhone. I never had to print anything out and enjoyed checking off items one by one.

Watch a quick video about Zip List starring Erin Gifford, who used to blog for WalletPop.
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