Do You Need a Green Broker?

Real estate agent
Real estate agent

It's easy to see how the things that go into a new home -- furniture, windows, insulation, even the car sitting in the new garage -- can be made in a more eco-friendly way. Heck, even a lawn can be greener, figuratively speaking. But what about the real estate agent who sold the house? What exactly would make him or her greener?

It's a good question because more than 10,000 agents have added some sort of "green" agent credential to their resume in the past eight years. Some 6,000 have earned an Ecobroker credential since it was first offered in 2002. And another nearly 4,200 have garnered the National Association of Realtors' green designation since the industry group launched it in fall 2008. That's a tiny portion of the NAR's 1.2 million-or-so members. But still, no matter where you live, there's a good chance you'll be able to find a green real estate agent if you want to work with one.

The question is, why do want to work with one?