FarmVille killer? Social City tops 5 million players in two weeks

social city on facebookCity building games are the new hotness when it comes to Facebook gaming. Need proof? Playdom's Social City has exploded almost overnight -- topping 5 million players in two weeks, according to AppData.

The game plays like a snack-sized version of the classic PC game SimCity. The goal is to turn the city into a thriving metropolis by making money and increasing the population.

Specific activities include clicking on living spaces after a certain period of time (seven minutes and up) to keep them producing more population. Factories -- the money makers in the game -- must be assigned specific contracts, which can take from five minutes to two days to complete. Once the jobs are done, click on factory to collect the earnings and then assign more contracts to keep a steady flow of cash coming in. Money earned in the game can be used to expand the city limits and erect more buildings, and the cycle continues indefinitely.
Like any freemium Facebook game, Social City is free to play, but if you want to advance faster, you can use real-life cash to buy City Bucks, which can be used to buy special buildings or to expand the city limits without waiting to level up. Neighbors also play a big part in Social City, as per most Facebook games. Visit and 'help' a neighbor in exchange for a generous reward, which is crucial to keeping your town's coffers full.

social city 5 million served in two weeks

This city building game is a nice change of pace for anyone who's tired of click-farming or caring for virtual pets, and we suspect that sentiment is shared by the millions who flocked to this game in a matter of days. Will Social City be a FarmVille killer? Hard to say, but if this game's popularity keeps growing at this rate, Zynga's farming game might have a serious contender on its hands.

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