Everything About Cafe World's Scratch Lotto Tickets


There's a brand new feature that has just been introduced to Cafe World - the Scratch Lotto Tickets, aimed to make the game even more entertaining and to reward the really active players with all sorts of goodies. If you are curious to know everything about the Scratch Lotto Tickets in Cafe World, then read on!

First of all, here's how a lottery ticket looks like in Cafe World:

Cafe World Scratch Lotto Ticket
Cafe World Scratch Lotto Ticket

So... what is this ticket? Basically, a new way for you to earn some new prizes from Zynga and your neighbors. Each ticket holds three areas you can scratch and win different prizes in the game.

How can you get the Cafe World's Scratch Lotto Tickets?
There are two ways of getting it: either from leveling up and sending them to your friends or from scratching a ticket you've received and deciding to share some with your friends.

What can you win from the Scratch Lotto Tickets?

There are tons of prizes to be won and probably Zynga will update them regularly. Here are some of the things you can get:

- various amounts of Cafe Cash (from one to five Cafe Cash)
- various amounts of regular coins
- various amounts of XP points or Cafe Points (25, 50, 100)
- all sorts of decorative items

Where can you find the decorative items you find after scratching a ticket?

All the items can be found while playing Cafe World under the Decor tab in your inventory (the word FREE will be near them).

How many Cafe World Scratch Lotto tickets can one use per day?

At the moment, there is a limit of 10 tickets one can scratch per day.

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