Bret Michaels: Buying drugs isn't the problem. What you buy on drugs is

Poison frontman and Rock of Love lothario Bret Michaels is in the latest season of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice, in which the rocker (and other pop culture heavy hitters such as Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne) is challenged to prove his money mettle to one of the biggest financial stars, Donald Trump.

As the season begins, Michaels dropped by Aol's awesome sister site to dish a little and sing a little with Popeater's managing editor, Mike Hess (you can find the entire interview soon at

Michaels reveals himself to be surprisingly savvy when it comes to his rock star dollar. For one, he recognizes that it's not necessarily the purchase price of the drugs that gets a party boy into trouble. It's the spending mistakes they make when they're taking them.

Michaels also tells Hess that one of the ways he's been able to keep his finances in line was to take control of them from the very start. The big mistake young artists make, he says, is to get so excited about making the music that they don't read their contracts, and tangled up with people who wind up stabbing them in the back. Poison did it differently, though, by holding onto all of its publishing rights, and it made all the difference.

That's how Michaels could afford his $200,000 Bentley Continental GT Speed, which he also discusses in this WalletPop exclusive.
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