Mafia Wars skill points just got much easier to spend

mafia wars skill points upgrade
mafia wars skill points upgrade

There's nothing more rewarding than growing stronger via leveling up in Mafia Wars -- but for those who are devoted energy players or fighters -- adding all of those skill points can be an exercise in excessive clicking.

Now Mafia Wars makes it easier to level up by allowing virtual mobsters to add five points at once to a certain category. I am, for instance, more of an energy player than a fighter, so this makes it much easier to just assign points quickly and then move onto the next thing.

If you like to spread your skill points around, you can still do that too by adding +1 at a time to any category -- but just be aware that if you want to spend it all in once place, this skill point tweak will make it that much easier.

What kind of Mafia Wars player are you? Fighter or energy player?