FarmVille Pot of Gold redeemable prize list *Spoiler* [Updated]

FarmVille st. patrick's day pot of gold redeemable itemsFarmVille introduced a new Pot of Gold mini-game in honor of St. Patrick's Day 2010. After collecting gold pieces from generous FarmVille friends, they can then be redeemed for limited edition items, similar to the Valentine's Day mini-game in February.

So far, dedicated farmers have discovered the following items: Shamrock Sheep (10 gold), Spring Flower Cart (20 Gold) and the Leprechaun Gnome (30 gold). Check out FarmVille-ian Cordelia's image (above) of what these items look like on the farm, and how the pot of gold transforms once it starts to get full. Nice to see such a bright splash of color on the farm, especially after the long winter!

farmville pot of gold redeemable prizes

Here's what the items look like when you open the pot of gold (courtesy of Light Chan). Looks like three more redeemable prizes will be 'coming soon' -- what do you think they'll be?

UPDATE: All redeemable prizes have been released and the three last items include the following: A Spring Pond: 50 Gold, a Lucky Fountain: 75 Gold and a Shamrock Castle: 100 Gold.


Which items do you plan to trade for gold?

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