Cafe World Wedding Cake: Build a big cake for a big reward

cafe world ruined wedding

Log into Cafe World today, and you may be greeted with a teary-eyed bride and her Ruined Wedding. It's your choice whether you want to help the distraught bride by making her a cake, and if you choose to help, you'll have 14 days to wrangle your friends to put her cake together and ... save the day. Of course, you're also promised a 'BIG' reward if you complete this mission...
cafe world b uild a cake

Once you agree to help, you'll be directed to build the cake. A wedding cake rack will appear in your cafe, and you'll also post a notification on your Facebook wall asking friends to send you the ingredients required to construct this giant confection. The ingredients include batter, icing and decorations, which can be gifted from friends -- or you can just buy them using Cafe Cash. We think buying the items ruins the spirit of the game, but it's also understandable if you're tired of asking friends for help building things in Cafe World, FarmVille and Zynga's other games.

cafe world save the wedding mini-game

If you want to help out your friends with a cake, look for the notification below on your news feed. A special thinks to Cafe World fan Darlin6983 for the images.

Then once you click 'Help out' on the news item, you'll be taken to a screen that will confirm your help and let you vote what kind of cake it will be -- chocolate or red velvet. Yum, red velvet is the best!

which would you use chocolate or red velvet for a wedding cake?

If you want extra help getting all of the ingredients, let others know by asking for help (and a list of what items you need) below.
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