A real estate crook in priest's clothing

Father Barney the real estate crook
Father Barney the real estate crook

We've come to this: An ordained Orthodox-Catholic priest in Indiana has pleaded guilty to federal charges of defrauding real estate developers and even churches of almost $3 million, according to the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky. "Father Barney", aka Byron Canada, apparently ran two South Bend corporations which he used to defraud borrowers over a five year period beginning back in 2004.

The "good" priest reportedly collected fees from real estate developers, businesses and, yes, churches for what was supposed to be advanced payments for loans his companies would later make, but never did. Just to gain that extra ounce of trust, "Father Barney" would make sure he was decked out in his clerical clothing when meeting his soon-to-be victims.