Zynga officially names the new YoVille ... 'The New YoVille'

The New YoVille
The New YoVille

Sorry to disappoint you, but Zynga is not calling this huge update "YoVille 2″ nor "YoVille the Return of the King." It is simply titled the "New YoVille"! This is what the greeting message said when I first logged in to the "New YoVille" as part of a small testing group.

The early guide to the new YoVille post raised so many question marks. Testers do not have the permission to reveal serious changes yet so I will just answer some of your questions. First of all, you should all know that this is a design update only. It won't cost anything, and it is not related to VIP.

Many have been wondering about some of the YoVille features that appear to be missing in the picture to the right.