SPP Ranch! St. Patrick's Day Clover Patches let lucky players win big


For St. Patrick's Day, SPP Ranch isn't just releasing themed items and free gifts (pictured below). Players with the luck of the Irish will be able to try their hand at finding Four-Leaf Clovers inside Clover Patches.This is assuming you have generous freinds willing to share the Clover Patches they find on their ranches.

If you're lucky and find a Four-Leaf Clover, you'll earn coins and a nice clover decoration for your ranch. If you can't seem to find anything, don't give up. As long as people keep sharing their Clover Patches, you can keep searching for that rare plant with four leaves.

In addition to the clover hunt, there are various free gifts to share. St. Patrick's Day is a social day at SPP Ranch, so be sure to send your friends some of the festive spirit.

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