Playfish's Hotel City launching Monday, March 15?

This week, we happened to catch a glance of a new Playfish game -- Hotel City -- during CEO Kristian Segerstrale's speech about the benefits of free games. A rep for the company reluctantly confirmed that the company responsible for Pet Society and Restaurant City, are hard at work on a hotel-themed game.

playfish hotel city
playfish hotel city

Today, we discovered a Playfish forum post that indicates that Hotel City will be launching on Monday, March 15. It looks like the forum post has since been deleted, which leads us to believe that this post was either totally made up or totally legit.

There's already at least one other hotel themed game on Facebook, including Happy Hotel from 6waves, which has attracted about a million monthly active users, so there's plenty of room for another one.

What do you think about Playfish launching a hotel-themed game?