Hideeni plays Easter Bunny in Pet Society

The Easter Bunny is in town! Actually, it's Hideeni sporting a new outfit in Pet Society. The change comes just in time. Some Pet Societyholics were getting tired of his pink tiger suit, as cute as it was. Earlier this week, one player Jacel, commented on his Facebook page, "It's the creepiest rose ceremony ever, tonight on The Bachelordeeni."

The roses are no more; Hideeni is now giving out colored eggs.Info for new players: You do not get an egg when you find Hideeni. You get an egg when your friends find Hideeni. Click here for instructions on how to retrieve a Hideeni gift.

What do you think of Hideeni's new look? Here's an image of the four outfits he's worn so far. Which one is your favorite?

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