Happy Pets expands Yard Store with Wonderland Items

Additional Happy Pets Wonderland items have been added to the store. Three mushroom decorations and a Wonderland background theme make up the new outdoor decorations.

- Pink Giant Mushrooms - 325 Coins
- Big Red Mushroom - Unlocked at Level 15 - 475 Coins
- Purple Giant Mushroom - Unlocked at Level 20 - 650 Coins
- Wonderland Background - 24 Facebook Credits

The Yard Store is a feature that many Happy Pets players accidentally miss. Clicking the store button out in the yard automatically opens an entirely different catalog of decorations suited for the outdoors. This alternate store is where you'll find the new Wonderland items.

While we're thrilled that the mushrooms can be bought with coins, we can't help but feel disappointed the Wonderland background costs real money. It is understandable though, this alternate background is very snazzy. You'll even see butterflies flying amongst your pets in the mysterious Wonderland thicket.

Be sure to glance over the previously released Wonderland items and if you like the look of any of them, check out them all out on Happy Pets. You can be sure the Cheshire Cat will be very pleased to get some fresh air in his new appropriately decorated yard.