FarmVille introduces Comment Box

FarmVille introduced a new updated Comment Box. The upgraded Comments feature gives us farmers a better way to communicate.

You can see all of your messages and track when your neighbors visit your farm.

For more details, read official word from Zynga Community Manager, Lexilicious:

"Comments Box: Upon signing into FarmVille, you will notice a new icon in the upper right hand corner of the application. Clicking on this button will open the new Comment Box.The small purple dialogue bubble will notify you of new comments or social actions that have been made on your farm.

The new Comment Box allows your Neighbors to leave you comments. In addition to this, you can leave comments on your own wall that you and your Neighbors can see.

If you click the Icon when you are on your own farm, you will be able to view comments that your Neighbors have left for you. Comments will fill in the comments section in the order they were placed. Clicking on the "Visits" tab in your comment box will allow you to see who has visited your farm, fertilized your crops, fed your chickens and sent gifts sent to you in your absence. From your Comments Menu you can also place a sign post. Simply type what you wish to post and check the "Place a signpost" box. Click the "post" button and you will be able to place a Sign Post.

If you click the comments icon when visiting a Neighbor's Farm, you have the option to leave a comment, place a Sign Post or Post a comment to their Facebook profile."

(Source: Zynga Official FarmVille Forums)

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