Exclusive! FarmVille Farmer's Market coming soon

FarmVille Farmer's Market coming soon, big change ahead!
FarmVille Farmer's Market coming soon, big change ahead!

This week, we had the chance to sneak behind the scenes at Zynga and talk to FarmVille General Manager Bill Mooney about what it takes to keep FarmVille-ians happy. Aside from releasing brand new items about twice a week, it's those bigger new features -- like Horse Stables or the new St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold -- that keep players coming back for more.

A FarmVille Farmer's Market is one of those big additions that will be coming in a few weeks. The exact details are still hush-hush, but Mooney says that "you will be able to put stuff in your farmer's market and that will have an immediate benefit, and you'll have some interesting stuff to do with that."

We asked if the Farmer's Market will allow players to auction items, similar to the auction system found in the popular online PC game World of Warcraft, and he says it'll be much less of a 'win-lose' scenario, adding that the ultimate goal of the Market is to encourage people to get more social while playing FarmVille, giving players more reasons to visit friends' farms and work together to build a better game experience.

Before moving on, Mooney once again emphasized that the FarmVille crew has 'very big plans' for the Market and he expects 'people will be very excited by it.' Have to admit, it certainly sounds intriguing. We're guessing farmers will be able to put up items for sale in their Market, which will be a great way to earn a few extra bucks -- and clean out those super-packed storage barns. Keep your eyes peeled for the Market's impending arrival, most likely, in April.

We have some more big scoops for you on FarmVille -- so stay tuned!

FarmVille Farmer's Market: What do you think?

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