Fantastic or Fanatic? Football Fan Goes Cowboys Crazy at Home

Dallas Cowboys memorabilia
Dallas Cowboys memorabilia

A Dallas area man is so psyched about the upcoming Superbowl XLV in Texas next year, he's designed his entire home around America's Team.

Stoney Kersh is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan who says he's loved America's team since the day he was born. So intense a fan, in fact, that he "lives" with the Cowboys: Every inch of his Arlington, Texas home is covered in Cowboys memorabilia. We are talking shower curtains, sheets, Tiffany lamps and bedspreads. The walls are plastered with Cowboy photos and team composites, "Fat Heads", and thousands of items of Cowboys memorabilia from commemorative coke bottles to beer cans to -- are you ready? -- Dallas Cowboys toilet paper (which you cannot use). Stoney is a single father of two teen-aged boys, who love their dad's taste in design, but what about his girlfriend?

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