Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: San Francisco Edition

Today we've got free rent if you share a master bedroom with a s/w/m, a trailer available if you do chores for a NASCAR-loving couple, and the joys of a wonderful commune called ZAMI (that is if you past the interrogation first).

Come on and climb abroad for more classic Craigslist roommate nightmare scenarios.The Ad:
R U a single female who needs a free room ASAP?
s/w/m offers free room amd board for a single female, share a master bedroom down town San Jose

Our Take:
Okay, this is direct and to the point. The ad doesn't offer any other information about the master bedroom or the apartment or the s/w/m for that matter. At least s/w/m could take the time to spell downtown correctly.. But hey, free rent is free rent.

The Ad:

Discriminatory Adds
This is America--a nation of diversity. The Bay Area is one of the most diverse places in the world and prides itself for truly being tolerant. Yet on the Bay Area's most prominate free commerce site discrimination is rampant. People offered the American dream constantly post discriminating against others hoping for the same thing.

If you see anyone denying anyone, anything for the sake of their age, sex, sexual orientation RACE or any other reason that you know is wrong, the least you can do is flag them.

What is common here on CL?

People saying female only in their adds. Others saying Chinese only and there are many other variations.

Flag their posts, scold them and help them understand the American dream.

Our Take:
Hell ya! This is America. And in America you should have to live with a female if you want a male, or a male if you want a female. In fact, you should flags ads that say they require references or want to "interview" you before moving in. This is America remember not some stupid place like Sweden or Canada.

The Ad:
$540 Awesome co-op looking for new housemates!
Zami! (rhymes with mommy, not whammy, and is also NOT to be confused with zomBie) is a housing cooperative on Laurel St. in Santa Cruz, CA, with 16-19 members. We stand for social justice, radical politics, alternative lifestyles and maintaining a safer space and an autonomous zone.

Zami! strives to be a safe space. We do not accept white supremacism, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-semitism, transphobia, sexism, ableism, misogyny, or any other oppressive shit in language, action, dress or lyrics. We are here to create an autonomous space free of oppression and fear.

Living at Zami is a commitment. All members are required to complete 5 hours of workshifts a week (which in theory is in exchange for the cheaper rent). f you're interested in LIVING at Zami!, we require that you (the prospective member, or prospies as we call them) come to two house meetings and two house dinners (meetings sundays at 7pm, dinners everyday except saturday at 7). We also require that you complete an interview which involves you and three housemates asking a set list of questions so that we can get to know you and what you want in a living environment.

Our Take:
Come to Zami (rhymes with mommy) and drink the Kool Aid. What the hell does everyone have to do during their work shift? Does it require building a shrine for the leader of Zami? (Rhymes with mommy.) Wow, becoming a roommate at Zami is no easy task. we "prospies have to come to at least two house meetings and two house dinners, then we'll be able to live with 16-19 people, most likely in one room with bunk beds.

The Ad:
Free Room and Board for Couple or Single (FOOT HILLS, AMADOR COUNTY)
We have a travel trailer down by our barn that is used just for sleeping ONLY. It has a microwave, fridge and satelitte hookup. All the cooking etc is done up at the main house. What it does is give someone their privacy at night and on their off days. Its not set up for showering etc..IT IS JUST USED FOR SLEEPING AND SNACKS AT NIGHT AND WATCHING TV. We also have wireless internet.The nearest town (although a small one is 9 miles away, Ione, Plymouth (also small) is 6 miles away and Jackson..large (we have Jackson Rancheria Casino is 11 miles away. This is VERY quiet and remote. I dont want you to think its not. There are 5 homes on our road and we are all 25 acre its quiet. My husband and I like it that way. Try to call when you can..I am interviewing all this week. one of the days off will probablly be we attend church and thats NASCAR day also!

Our Take:
Hmm? Sleep in a trailer where I'll eat snacks and watch TV in exchange for doing chores for a NASCAR-loving couple in the middle of a nowhere does sound appealing. Maybe I'll consider this once I begin my drinking problem.

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