Bank Wrongly Seizes Home, Takes Parrot

Parrot Under Siege
Parrot Under Siege

Oops, they did it again! Bank of America wrongly seized a Pittsburgh home that it mistakenly targeted for foreclosure. This time, it took the parrot, too.

The bank released a public apology on Wednesday to Pittsburgh resident Angela Iannelli for wrongly seizing her home and snatching her beloved pet parrot last October, adding to a pool of similar incidents over the past seven months.

In their rush to foreclose, cases of mistaken foreclosures by banks have been on the rise. That can leave homeowners grappling with more than outrage: In one recent case in Galveston, Tex., a couple whose home was wrongly seized ended up with 75 pounds of rotting fish locked inside. In that situation, as in Iannelli's, the homeowners had not even defaulted on their mortgage -- in fact, they didn't even have a mortgage.