Are 8-Tracks the next big collectible? Don't bank on it

The Wall Street Journal recently reported (subscription required) on Texas 8-track collector James "Bucks" Burnett's plans to open an 8-track museum to display his collection of tapes. Burnett recently held a well-attended gallery show for his collection, and promoters in Denton, Texas offered to spend $4,000 to put on a one-month show for his collection -- starting today. The collection will be displayed in a former lingerie factory.

There are a few 8-tracks worth a pile of money. According to the Journal, "A quadraphonic eight track tribute album to the iconic rock band Led Zeppelin recently fetched $152." Bids on a rare Monkees 8-track have currently reached $44 on eBay -- with four days left. And a collection of 24 Beatles 8-tracks recently fetched more than $350 on eBay.