Wild Ones stocks up on Lasers and Shuriken Bombs


Last week Wild Ones surprised fans by releasing the Ninjitsu Mesh for those who wanted to create animal ninjas. This week, the follow up came in the form of Shuriken Bombs and Shuriken Headbands, two must-have items for any self proclaimed Wild Ones ninjas.

The name 'Shuriken Bomb' should immediately tell you: maximum danger. These guys have a very high damage rating. Players can use 2 per game similar to items like the Beehive Launcher and Teleporter. Shuriken Bombs can be found in the weapons section of the shop; 20 can be bought for 11 Treats so make sure you're set on your decision before buying.

Also released this week, the Shuriken Headband increases walk speed similar to the Ninjitsu Mesh. Found in the accessories tab of the shop, the headband comes in two colors with slightly different emblems. Unfortunately, the headband also costs 11 Treats forcing those who are interested to throw down some real money.

Perhaps more exciting to some, there is a new opportunity for fans to get their mitts on one of those powerful Laser Cannons.

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