Tiki Farm will soon offer sweet loot that won't cost a dime (find out how)

tiki farm playdom wild tangent
tiki farm playdom wild tangent

Tiki Farm will soon offer a new way to get sweet loot -- by simply watching an ad from a big-name company and when it's done, you're rewarded with an in-game item.

Playdom has partnered with Wild Tangent to give players a new way to acquire premium items without paying for it, without signing up for credit cards or anything else requiring giving up any personal information. In this case, you'll be able to acquire an item for your island in exchange for a minute of your time.

Wild Tangent says they chose Playdom's Tiki Farm because it was a good 'demographic' fit, though the details of this implementation -- what item will be sponsored by what specific company -- is still a few weeks away.

These types of ad deals have been implemented in other online games, such as Outspark and several games on OMGPOP. Considering the recent Nielsen survey shows that over 85% of gamers would prefer to not pay for their digital content, this might be a compelling new (and scam-free) way to get loot without spending a dime. What do you think?