Sweet Chicago Rental: Near North Side 3 Bedroom for $2,800

Modern Condo for Rent Near Chicago's Old Town It's on the outskirts of Chicago's Old Town district, but this LEED-certified and glass-paneled condo doesn't feel old.

Built in 2007, as part of the mixed-use Cabrini-Green redevelopment, this 1,800 square-foot space at Clybourn Point has upscale finishes like bamboo hardwood floors, a Bosch in-unit washer and dryer, granite countertops, custom cabinetry and radiant-floor heating in the master bedroom (yes, just as you guessed, a heating system installed under cold surfaces, so you can keep your toes warm as you prance around barefoot).

For a trio of roommates, this 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment is fairly priced based on location and the rationale that up until now the keys were meant for buyers only.
Here's how to do a rough comparison: According to Zillow.com, the estimated value of this property is $425,000. If you bought with 20 percent down on the approximated value, a 30-year mortgage would come out to around $2,650 per month. As a renter, you are spending $150 more than a homeowner per month, but without the long-term commitment.

For a year or two, there's more eco-friendly benefits for you (and the environment) at this Near North Side condo. To improve the indoor air quality, the builders used low-VOC paints that release less pollutants. If a drop in electricity charges is appealing, then you'll want to know that the windows are made from low-e glass, which better insulates against hot and cold temperatures and results in less consumption of heating and air conditioning.

Over 10 percent of the building is made from recycled content, such as concrete, aluminum panels and rubber pavers, and the building even has an "eco-elevator" that uses 60 percent less energy than its traditional counterpart. Up top, a green roof is designed to absorb heat and is lined with a circumference of plants to create fresher air.

One caveat of the deal, however, is that the Near North Side, though touching edges of Old Town, River North and Lincoln Park, is still in a state of transformation and construction in the neighborhood will be inevitable over the next few years.

But if as a renter, that doesn't deter you, go check out the building's rooftop terrace and see its unobstructed views of Chicago's downtown skyline. On the other hand, the advantage of the area's slow development means no chance that this stunning sight -- quite possibly ranking up there with the city's best views -- will be touched anytime soon.

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