Pooch Named 'Trouble' Sitting Pretty

Leona Helmsley's TroubleIt may be a dog's life -- but "Trouble" is no ordinary dog....she's what the NY Post infamously dubbed the "rich bitch."

Trouble is the precious pup of the late real estate baroness, Leona Helmsley. Helmsley left Trouble a $12 million trust fund when she passed away in 2007. Trouble's enormous "kitty" was later reduced to $2 million by a Manhattan judge in 2008, at the request of the trust's trustees. This left Trouble in the lap of luxury while the remainder was donated to charity.

The Wall Street Journalreports that Trouble is doing just fine, thanks...

The general manager of the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel, where the dog now resides said in an affidavit that the estate has "enough money to pay for Trouble's maintenance and welfare at the highest standards of care for more than 10 years, which is more that twice her reasonably anticipated life expectancy."

To prevent Trouble from being "dognapped" and held for ransom, the trust pays security $100,000 year.

We have a suggestion, Security! Spend that same $100,000 a year on an Upper East Side apartment like this one, at $8,000/month. You can keep Trouble on the very familiar Upper East Side, plus, the security team could share a pre-war building. This apartment has 1,600 square feet, two bedrooms (one for Trouble, and one for Trouble's assistant). It also has a formal dining room and maid's quarters so Trouble can easily entertain and remain a pampered pooch.

Not your fancy? Find another suitable place for Trouble or you and man's best friend.

Meanwhile, Helmsley's estate has signed a deal to sell one of its trophy properties- the Helmsley Carlton House on Manhattan's East Side.

Via The Wall Street Journal
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