PlayStation Move: Sony's new form of social gaming

sony playstation move-- a new form of social gaming
sony playstation move-- a new form of social gaming

Nobody's exactly sure when we'll be able to check in on our farms and virtual mafia on the more traditional game consoles, e.g. the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but all of these entertainment devices are still working toward creating experiences that are a little more social.

Xbox 360 plans to launch a motion controlled game device called Project Natal this year, and on March 10, Sony introduced the PlayStation Move, a motion sensored control system that's similarly designed to get people off the couch and playing games - together.

The Move system consists of a black motion controller, the sub-controller and a USB camera called the PlayStation Eye. Together, these devices will mimic what's already been a huge success on Nintendo Wii -- allowing players to move while holding a controller and then see those actions reflected in a game on screen.

The black PlayStation 3 motion controller is also largely similar to the Nintendo Wii controller, with a big action button and a trigger button on the backside, and -- unlike the Wii-mote -- an illuminated bulb at the end. Turn on the device and use the motion sensored controls to play everything from classic console games like Resident Evil to a new family-friendly collection of mini-games, called Move Party.