PetVille wants you to free the mysterious creature within

What could this be? in PetVille
PetVille is the second Zynga game to launch a quiet and unannounced new feature this week. When you log into your pet's room, you'll find that PetEx (a spoof on FedEx) has transported a creature caged inside a pet carrier. It looks scared and cries a lot, and your pet is obviously worried.
Locked pet carrier in PetVille
Your first instinct is to let the poor thing out, but you'll need to get the secret combination for the lock through e-mail!

PetVille Locked Caged Animal
If you allow PetVille to email you, you'll get this letter from your "Uncle Artemis" who claims he rescued the creature from a cruel animal trader and gives you the lock combination to open the cage... (Note: All you have to do is click the link and you're good!)
Uncle Artemis Email from PetVille
Once you're done the creature will come out of its cage! And I've got a... blue "Lost Bird"! It can be put away in storage as an item, so technically it's a decoration and not like a Petling in Pet Society.
PetVille Lost Bird
The bird will now live with you. We can't wait to see what Uncle Artie will rescue next!
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