I Want This 7-Bedroom Brooklyn Victorian, $1.2M

In the posher parts of Brooklyn, folks are still paying a million bucks for shoeboxes (or, since the housing meltdown, maybe boot-boxes). But venture a little further out past Prospect Park toward the once-grand and strangely suburban neighborhoods near Brooklyn College and you can get yourself an estate for the same price.

This one is a rare gem: seven bedrooms, seven baths, a fireplace, wraparound porch and nearly 3,000 square feet to roam around in. It has an eat-in kitchen and formal dining room (when many of us have neither, and just stand up in our kitchen, shoveling our morning toast); parquet floors that still seem to be shiny and relatively unscratched; and a finished basement that serves as its own wing: office, family room, laundry, storage and a home office. It's enough to make you want to switch careers, just so you can work from home.

Some of the fixtures are a bit dated, but I actually like that about it. Check out the coral tile and Formica-topped console in the bathroom. I think it's lovely, and don't mind having a touch of the 1950s in my Victorian mansion. The kitchen, meanwhile, has been updated, and the real modern amenity is the garage, a two-car version with a private driveway. Never will you have to bother with New York's annoying alternate-side parking again.

The house is four blocks from Brooklyn College, in the landmark area known as Fiske Terrace, so it's an easy commute if you want to study for that new career after all.

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