Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: National Edition

More freaky people on Craigslist with rooms for rent looking for you to move into their freaky habitats. Yes, spin the wheel and see who could be your new roommate. Will it be the nudist with the 28-inch waist who doesn't believe in having doors on the rooms of his apartment? How about the 59-year-old guy who is done with dating and wants you to move into his mobile home? Or the man who requires sex on demand?

Find all this and more in this edition of Craigslist Roommate Nightmares.
Washington, D.C.: $1 Seeking a live in Houseboi/Houseman (Fairfax Area)

Seeking a live in houseboi/houseman room with private bath/den share/kitchen/laundry close to Metro, bus, stores restaurants. Must be HWP no drugs no excessive drinking. Domestic chores/personal assistant /errands/sex on demand. in exchange for room and board

Our Take: Hmm, I've always wanted to be a live in houseboy. Sure, I have to give sex on demand and run errands, but, hey, this place is located near stores and restaurants. I guess I'll have to give up my drug use and excessive drinking first in order to be considered.

Chicago:$275 LOOKING FOR ANOTHER MAN TO SHARE (Michigan City, in NW Indiana)

I am a 59 year old single male. Am looking for another man to share my completely furnished 3 bedroom mobile home set up in a mobile home park in Michigan City, in NW Indiana. I am about 20 minutes from town. $275.00 a month. Includes own room with cable TV and phone, all the utilities, and the full use of the mobile home. No security deposit needed. Available immediately. No drugs please. Moderate drinking and cigarette smoking is fine. Sexual preference is no problem. Due to 3 extremely bad and hurtful marriages, I do not date or have anything to do with women.

All I ask is help with keeping the mobile home clean and help with the yard up keep. Thanks Ted

Our Take: This sounds like the American Dream. Available immediately I can move into a mobile home in Indiana with a 59 year old men who has had 3 failed marriages. No security deposit required so I can do it today. The two of us can sit around his mobile home all day long moderately drinking and smoking cigarettes, as we talk about how both of us are bitterly through with woman.

Chicago: Free Rent and job assistance to Single Female!! (Libertyville il.)

Offering free rent and great paying job with earnings potentials of up to $6000/month or more, to open minded attractive female

Located in the Libertyville area, please reply with recent photo of yourself, and contact number. Move in immediately!

Our Take: Once again, welcome to the world of prostitution or Scientology.

Los Angeles: $600 Need male roommate (nudist) (Van Nuys) (map)

i have a one bed/bathroom apt and willing to give up my bedroom for a true nudist guy who is drug free sane and has a job. I have a dog and 2 cats so must be pet friendly and clean as home dont smell like a zoo, i host nude events and clienst so home must be clean and smelling great.

I am 33/latin lean 28 waist and light skin active in biking and running not buffed just lean. I am drug free and love to cook ,watch tv and hang out with buddies like any other guy i am gay but not a flamming queen. I have many straight nudist friends so i respect everyone as i was raised in a nude home with my 3 older brothers and my dad, so to all of you guys who think this is a Fantacsy and that nude = sex please move on

I believe in no doors inside the home as we are all men and have and share the same body actions and functions why hide and be ashamed,, If you want the bedroom its $600 month to month no deposite you get a parking and the apt has swimming pool (clothed) and laundry area. If you are trying to save money like me and willing to share a room thats kelw too then the price changes to $400 month to month and either price we share all utulities. I have and live in a frunished apt so if you have alot of stuff may not work out please be serious and reply asap age/job/pic (face) and lets go from there peace and have a great day

Our Take: So what was the waist size of my new nudist roommate again? Oh yeah, it's a 28 waist. Why would I want to move into an apartment that has doors on the rooms? There's nothing to be ashamed about. I can't wait to meet his nudist buddies as well.

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