Cafe World offers instant free prizes with "Scratch Lotto"

Cafe World Scratch Lotto
Cafe World Scratch Lotto

One of Cafe World's newest features is also one of the best things we've seen so far -- it was smoothly launched, well-received, and done to no fanfare or prior announcement. That last bit is somewhat strange, given that a lot of hype was vested in their newborn, week-old Spice Rack system, a feature that was saddled with glitches and delays. It still hasn't really caught on among players. In light of that, maybe the quiet launch makes perfect sense, because excitement over the previous one peaked too soon.

So how do you get the "Scratch Lotto", and what does it do? Right now, every time you gain a level, it'll trigger a window prompt offering you a Lotto card. Scratch any of the three images to win something random. Prizes can be coins to decorations, and even valuable CAFE CASH! You'll also get the option to send a stack of cards to your friends.

In a world of social gaming structured around scheduled tasks, there's nothing as refreshing as some instant in-game gratification for a job well done!

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