Best Buy bets you want 3D TV, so do you?

Electronics giant Best Buy is betting you really need a 3D television set this year.

Hoping to cash in on the success of James Cameron's 3D blockbuster movie "Avatar," Best Buy unveiled a new line of 3D television sets yesterday made by Panasonic at an electronics show in New York City.

The 3D equipment requires snazzy 3D glasses (at $150 a pair!) to use, and at around $2,500 for a 50-inch set, also costs a lot more than a regular old television. Sony and Samsung say they're introducing 3D TV's in the upcoming months as well.

So what on earth will you watch first with your new 3D set? Soccer! ESPN plans to show the World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico in Johannesburg in June. Next year, you'll be able to watch new networks launched by Discovery, Sony and IMAX.

Panasonic says it's looking to sell around 2 million units of the 3D sets in their first year of sale. However, analysts are not convinced, telling Reuters that it's an iffy prospect at best, particularly considering the pricey glasses.

So what do you think -- will you buy a 3D television?