Bachelorette Jillian Harris' dirty laundry: Her wedding gift for Jason and Molly

The Bachelorette's Jillian Harris can't be called a bachelorette anymore. She's engaged to her TV suitor, Ed Swiderski, and as if to properly train her new groom in the rigors of televised matrimony, she recently brought him to the prime-time wedding of the Bachelor who originally jilted her, Jason Mesnick, as he married his first choice (or, er, second choice), Molly Maleney.

If ABC was a theatrical repertory company, Harris would qualify for a leading player, having already done two dating series. This Sunday, she steps into yet another role. Few people know she's also an interior designer and she will bring her expertise -- in design, not dating -- to ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Harris called WalletPop from the Chicago home she shares with Swiderski for a sneak preview of the experience she had designing a bedroom for a home with a chronically-ill child.

Charity aside, it turns out that Harris is a thrifty gal. First of all, her gift to Jason and Molly wasn't something like china or flatware. It was a $120 laundry basket from Crate & Barrel. "People are going to call me cheap, but it was not a cheap present!" says Harris. But it was undeniably economical.

And although she knows it won't endear her to executives at ABC, she tells Jason Cochran that she'd rather have a date by a campfire than the lavish ones that were staged by network producers. She also claims to want an intimate wedding of her own -- although she charmingly backs off that assertion when asked if that means she won't allow ABC cameras at her own nuptials.
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