We're off to see the Wizard in Pet Society!

Lion Petling and Toto in Pet Society
As part of Pet Society's new Wizard of Oz theme, Lion Petlings have finally been released for those at Level 20 with 2,500 Coins to spend. He looks like a cowardly lion as a cub, but he'll grow up to the cutest king of all critters.
Petling Store in Pet Society
Strangely, out of the dozen or so buildings in the town, the gamemakers chose to sell Petlings in the Garden store, but hey, that's where you'll find 'em. And did you know that Toto was a "Yorkshire Terrier"? I always thought he was Scottish (i.e. a Cairn Terrier)! But despite what you see in the image above, Toto wasn't released as a Petling. Instead, you'll find him sold as a displayable Plushie at the Furniture store.
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