Unaware Renter Caught Up in Drug Bust

We've brought you Craigslist scams and Craigslist nightmares, but now we present a bona fide Craigslist horror story! One unsuspecting Phoenix man recently moved into a shared home he found on the classified-ad web site, with no idea of the situation he was moving into.

That situation quickly became clear when he walked out of his bedroom and saw his roommates shuttling bricks of marijuana out of the attic and through the house. One of them pulled a gun in a bid to intimidate the new renter into silence, but he simply waited for the others to leave and promptly called the police.

The story had a happy ending for the innocent roommate, who escaped the situation without injury, but his four housemates are currently booked into a Phoenix jail on charges of possession with intent to distribute.

It's easy to chuckle at the bungled crime caper now, but it could have ended far differently, and with tragic results. It's a valuable lesson for one Phoenix man in particular, but we should all take away a few thoughts about the delicate art of roommate-hunting:

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