Them's fightin' words: Hi5 prez calls Zynga games 'mediocre'


Outspoken Hi5 President Alex St. John put the smackdown on Zynga today during a talk at the 2010 Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, calling the popular social gaming outfit 'mediocre' and a 'company that has primarily just found a new way to spam people.'

Them's fighting words, especially as the social network is making big moves to ramp up its status as a gaming platform, going so far as to dub itself "the largest social entertainment site focused on gaming."

A quick peek on the official Zynga site shows that neither FarmVille, Mafia Wars nor any other Zynga games currently reside on Hi5 -- and based on these comments from Alex St. John, it looks like that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. Considering the millions that flock to Zynga games, that's going to make for an even more difficult climb to the top.

Do you agree -- are Zynga games just glorified spam apps?

Thanks, Dan, for the tip.

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