SuperPoke Pets need Super Vitamins on SSP Ranch!

SSP Ranch! Super Vitamins!
SSP Ranch! Super Vitamins!

Slide Inc.'s SuperPoke Facebook wallspam app has matured into a game with two new titles: SuperPoke Pets! and SSP Ranch!

Of the two, SSP Ranch! is the one that offers a full Flash environment, where you can decorate on an isometric field, and your animals actually have room to roam and grow. (While roaming tends to be annoying in a title like FarmVille, feeding the animals on your ranch is easy and fun, cause they'll automatically rush towards the food you've dropped for them.)

All the animals have retain that happy-go-lucky kawaii style that has made all of Slide's SuperPoke titles so popular. With cute graphics, solid gameplay, and a long pedigree, SSP Ranch! is shaping up to be the most adorable virtual ranch experience by far.

The latest update from the game is Super Vitamins. Use them on your animals or your neighbors' for more coins! You can check out all the old updates on SSP Ranch!'s official Facebook page.