Pfizer extends free aid for unemployed using its drugs

Pfizer extends free medicine programIn December, I wrote about the drug maker Pfizer offering free prescription drugs to people who lost their jobs and health coverage in 2009. After that, I got an e-mail from a James Walker at APCO Worldwide, Pfizer's public-relations firm, that the company is extending the measure through 2010.

Applications for Pfizer's Maintain drug-coverage program are being accepted through Dec. 31. If you get into the program, you'll get your medications for free up to one year or until you get health coverage again, whichever comes first. To qualify, you must have been taking the Pfizer drug for at least three months.

It's worth checking out -- Pfizer sells some of the most widely used drugs in the U.S., like Lipitor for cholesterol, Celebrex for arthritis, and Viagra (yes, that is on the list of drugs Pfizer will give out for free.) People who need Pfizer's specialty and oncology medicines can find out if they qualify for help through the company's other patient-assistance programs by calling 1-866-706-2400. You can also call that phone number for details, or download an application.

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