New Mattresses Make Better Sex

new mattress for sex lifeSex life dull and boring? Blame your mattress. That's what most people do. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that nearly a third of adults recently surveyed said they would buy a new mattress to improve their sex lives.

Mattress salespeople should rejoice at the sexless, sleepless survey findings ("cha-ching!"), but solo-sleeping apartment dwellers may want to break out their best one-liners and hope for the best...

Half of the poll responders said their old mattress makes them feel ill and unrested, and that's just the beginning. Ten percent of the 1,043 Americans surveyed said the combination of unrest and bad sex made the snap at their boss. Eight percent admitted to sleeping on the job to catch some additional winks.

Hardest hit? Single people. More than three quarters of singles complained to the Harris Interactive market research firm about feeling the ill-effects of poor sleep. They were more likely to complain and report feeling as if they had less energy. Could it also be that too many singles are sex deprived?

If you're tired and cranky, or just need an excuse to buy a new mattress, we've profiled a few recently. We spoke with the grandson of the waterbed inventor about his hot/cold mattress pad, and, reviewed a mattress that disappears into your wall like a James Bond device.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also trade your crappy mattress for another in someone else's apartment with a few mouse clicks.

And what about novelty in the bedroom? Do you think the respondents have tried this quirky "inflatable toast mattress" from Archie McPhee? At the very least, it might coax the curious with the phrase, "have a seat on my sandwich". Who knows? Perhaps this apartment-friendly mattress could butter your toast on both sides, if you catch our drift...

Sleeplessness and sex deprivation making you snappy? Order that mattress before you kill someone.
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