MySpace launches new game hub, iPhone app


If you're a MySpace gamer, the second most popular social network is trying to enhance your game experience with a new games hub. Much like the new Facebook games hub that launched a few weeks ago, this space is designed to help you discover new social games, as well as keep track of notifications related to the games you're playing.

So far, the experience seems a little bare-boned and focused more heavily on 'featured' games chosen by MySpace based on their popularity (or whatever other reasons) rather than a customized recommendation engine (like something you might see on based on games you're already playing. Of course, having any games hub is better than no games hub, and this will most likely evolve as users give more feedback.

MySpace has also launched a new games-related iPhone app, called 'MySpace Neon,' which will give users access to their social games on the network. The app will help you stay on top of your games, notifications, et al while you're on the go and will 'give players access to all of their MySpace games." Does that mean that you'll be able to play your MySpace games on iPhone? Probably not -- this will most likely be another way to stay on top of your game notifications. We'll see when the app launches in the next few weeks.

Where do you play your games -- Facebook or MySpace?

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