I Want This Santa Monica House! $1.3M, Blocks from the Beach

Most people move to Santa Monica for the beach and with this three bedroom, two bath house you can roll out of bed, walk six blocks and be there. The house is near Main Street, Ocean Park and Lincoln so it's right in the heart of Santa Monica.

This house is pretty tiny, with three bedrooms and two baths packed into just 1,500 square feet of space, but it makes up for it with a lot of outdoor living space. Off the kitchen is a raised deck with trellis and a private backyard with lush bushes and trees and well-kept grass. You can open the doors from the kitchen and its nook to expand your living space to include the deck, after all you are in Santa Monica with it's great weather and ocean breeze so why not?

Both bathrooms have been remodeled and the house has bamboo floors and the kitchen has some nice period details (I love those old stoves!). The open floor plan adds to the airiness of the home and some of the bedrooms have doors to the backyard so you can bring the outdoors into the home in many rooms.

Santa Monica's Main Street has many restaurants and coffee shops so on your way to the beach you can pickup some sandwiches or grab a pizza at Wildflour for those movies nights in. With this house and its prime location, someone could really live the California Dream.

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