Harlem Insider: Life Strategist Gabe Nies

Recent Los Angeles transplant Gabe Nies talks about raw, soul food restaurants, his fun building and the music on the streets of Harlem.

Name, Age, Occupation: Gabe Nies, 32, Life Strategist

Neighborhood: Harlem, New York

Huge two-bedroom brownstone apartment

How long have you lived in Harlem? Less than a year

What do you love most about your neighborhood?
I love the vibe in this area!

Best kept secret in Harlem?

There's this really cool restaurant called Raw Soul. Normally, when you think of Harlem you think of Sylvia's for Soul Food. This place is so cool because it's a raw restaurant and it's in Harlem and it has so many cool foods. The paradox is interesting and its an awesome restaurant.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night in your neighborhood?

Since I'm still new to New York I go everywhere so I either hang out in my huge apartment here or I go to other parts of the city. I love to walk around this area and look at all the old buildings and churches. I mean the Apollo is right around the corner! I haven't been there yet, but I can't wait to go.

Do you talk to your neighborhoods?

Yes, all the time. In my building everyone is under 34 and they are all cool, hip people. We have parties in the building, sometimes we go to brunch together, we hang out at each others apartments. There are only three of us in the building and we each have our own floor. You just go downstairs and knock on the door and say hey what are you doing and we all just hang. They are really great.

Why Harlem?
If feels like you are kind of in another time. It's a mixture of people and music in the streets... there's so much gentrification in Harlem, and there's such a great diversity of people. So many people are moving up here because you can get so much more for your money, too.

When you moved to Harlem you were moving from L.A., how has it been for you?
I feel really good about what I did and in my opinion New York City is the best place to live because everything is here. You can walk outside and feel the energy -- literally.

The move changed my life and it did so because I took a risk. I always believed that I would be here no matter what. If you believe something and are passionate about it, you will always get it. Moving to a big city or far away from family and friends puts the accelerator on your life, your progression and your evolution. That's exciting!

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