Get a free Algae-Eating FishVille Snail by playing YoVille!

YoVille Snail in FishVille
Zynga's been busily cross-promoting all their games, such as offering FarmVille players "Hot Rod" Tractors and Seeders for gaining 5 levels in Mafia Wars, or decorative FarmVille collectibles in PetVille, and even advertising for FarmVille in Cafe World.

Now, you can get the Algae-Eating Snail in FishVille for free by gaining 10 levels in YoVille. It'll eat half the algae in your tank, saving you the trouble of sponging it off yourself. And if you don't feel like trying out YoVille, but have some Sand Dollars on hand, you can still get the YoVille Snail in the FishVille store for 20 Sand Dollars.

While it's not busy going NOM NOM NOM, the YoVille Snail looks very much like a pink version of FishVille's classic blue Sea Snail, which was purchasable in the store a long time ago, but is now a giftable exclusive.
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