Zynga's Texas Hold'em offers Xbox 360 Elite as poker grand prize

Zynga Texas Hold'em Poker Twitter
Virtual games offering non-virtual goods as prizes and incentives to play are nothing new. Games like Bejeweled Blitz and Texas Hold'em don't have any animated pixel rabbits to give away in an attempt to get you to come back for more. Instead, PopCap Games runs a weekly tournament where the current grand prize is a Mazda3 i Sport 4-door sedan! And this is also not the first time Zynga has pulled an Xbox 360 Elite out of their magic hat, as ten consoles were being offered in November at their last shootout tourney.
March Shootout Zynga Poker tourney Xbox prize
This month's shootout is for tourneys taking place between March 9th and March 19th. So win all 3 rounds of the tourney in that span of time, register yourself for the Zynga Final Showdown drawing, and then wait-and-see.
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